Sloppy-Tilapi Sandwich & Veggies


Time: 10-20 min.

– Tilapia Fish
– Quinoa
– Grain Bread
– Zucchini
– Purple Onion
– Tomato
– Green & Red Pepper
– Garlic
– Lettuce
– Olive Oil
– Seasonings: Salt, pepper, oregano, basil leaves, adobo, complete seasoning

– Cook quinoa
– Chop all veggies
– Heat olive oil in non-stick skillet
– Add veggies to skillet (med-high heat). Saute until golden
– Remove veggies from skillet (keep eye on), drizzle small amount of olive oil onto tilapia and add to skillet (med. heat)
– Cook until golden and tender
– Once finished, remove tialpia and add bread to harden (low heat)
– Once bread is golden, layer sandwich

Serve and enjoy! 🙂


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