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Silence v.s. Peace

I was in prayer when God gave me this revelation. “Silence and peace; there is a difference. One can sit in silence, but have no peace.” He said. Silence is just quiet air flowing in and out of your ear drums. One can sit in silence and have a whirlwind of negative thoughts with uncontrollable emotions… Continue reading Silence v.s. Peace

Oh Taste And See

Accepting My Identity

Accepting My Identity Video Ever had an identity crisis? Or maybe that question is a little too sharp to explain. How about this: Have you ever struggled with accepting who you are? Like…you know who you are, you know what you are purposed to do, but you struggled very deeply with letting go of the… Continue reading Accepting My Identity

Words of Encouragement

Trusting God Through The Storm

When it storms, be determined to outshine darkness. I awakened this morning realizing what all God has done over the past week. I was experiencing much stress, hunger, and patience in my spirit. This morning I was reminded that when we fail in any area of our lives, our Heavenly Father picks us up. Since… Continue reading Trusting God Through The Storm

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No Fear in Love

Link: Steffany Gretzinger – No Fear In Love No Fear in Love January 25, 2016 As I sit by a pond and listen to the song, “No Fear in Love” by Steffany Gretzinger, it only took me a short second to realize the symmetry between the song and the seagulls that were flying. There were a… Continue reading No Fear in Love