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My Grace is Sufficient for You

10.7.16 Day 103 – My Grace is Sufficient for You As I was headed to sleep around midnight Thursday morning, I kept hearing in my spirit, “My grace is sufficient for you.” I had just arrived to a friend’s house after a hard knocking day. I was growing frustrated with my current circumstance; traveling over… Continue reading My Grace is Sufficient for You

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Overcoming Gluttony

  For those who are unfamiliar with gluttony is, it is defined as greed in the means of excessive eating or drinking. To be more specific, I am touching down on Binge Eating which is an eating disorder where someone overeats to fulfill cravings to the point of discomfort. It can become a dangerous mechanism for dealing with temporary emotions. It… Continue reading Overcoming Gluttony

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The Aftermath Fasting may be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ritual for you. We may fast from certain foods such as dairy, meat, gluten, grains, etc. Some of us may not eat for a day or more. Whatever we choose to fast from, we know how it feels once we say, “MY FAST IS OVER!”… Continue reading MY FAST IS OVER!