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Believe in your Purpose

  Do you ever wonder what you are purposed for on this earth? Do you often find yourself moving from job to job to seek comfort in your working environment? Perhaps you have nights and days where your prayer life is dry because you have no clue where God is. I ask these questions because… Continue reading Believe in your Purpose

Oh Taste And See

Silence v.s. Peace

I was in prayer when God gave me this revelation. “Silence and peace; there is a difference. One can sit in silence, but have no peace.” He said. Silence is just quiet air flowing in and out of your ear drums. One can sit in silence and have a whirlwind of negative thoughts with uncontrollable emotions… Continue reading Silence v.s. Peace

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Serve in your need of Service: When God Calls you to Uncomfortable Places

“Lord, I already don’t have much! I’m stripped to my last bit of cash. No matter how many times I pay off my credit card more money shows back up. I don’t have my own place to live. AND you’ve called me to this promised land that has yet to come to fruition. Now, you want me to give more of my money and time??” I’ve had these very thoughts running through my mind as I journey in my uncomfortable place. Every time I notice my temper rising, I must digress and know that God is in the midst of it all. You may be in the same or similar circumstance that I am facing. I want to share a word of encouragement with you today to help keep your eyes focused on Jesus and trust in Him.

Words of Encouragement

Trapped Seasons

I was flying in my zone, full throttle. Fresh out of the cocoon, embracing the spring flowers. Suddenly, I look through my peripheral vision to notice something is trying to trap me. I fly as far away as possible while praying that I could embrace more of my moment of flight. I land hidden in a place where I thought was safe, yet I find myself trapped inside. Barely breathing, hot, now suffocating. I flap my wings again expecting to escape this container, yet I am indeed trapped with no way out. What is this? Where am I? How in the world did I get here? Why am I here? Who’s trapped me? Hello??…God??…

Oh Taste And See

Updated Blog & New Recipes!

Hello to all! I have been fighting my way to posting new encouraging blogs and invigorating recipes. So whenever you have time, check out my update pages. There is SO MUCH MORE that I have planned to come! Stay tuned! Check out my updated pages: About Me page Inexpensive, Quick, & Easy Recipes Drinks recipes: Homemade Nectarine Tea Breakfast recipes: Vegan Homemade… Continue reading Updated Blog & New Recipes!