For the Body


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The foods that we eat plays a huge part with our body, mind, soul, and spirit.
Listen to your body; it speaks to you.

Many of us do not realize that our eating habits play a huge role in our spiritual walk with God. These habits can effect our physical well-being as well as our mentality and soul.

Physical Well-Being

Processed foods effect our weight. Fast food ESPECIALLY will cause us to put on pounds. Not only do these foods effect our weight, but they can harm our metabolism, blood flow, digestive system, and other areas of our body. Just because you are small in size does not mean it is okay to eat junk food.

Meat is a luxury protein not a necessity. We have been brainwashed into thinking that we NEED meat in order get protein. Truth is, we can survive without eating animals! There are alternatives to getting protein from dark green vegetables, legumes, and nuts. We get starch from potatoes and rice. We get iron from dark greens such as spinach. There’s SO much more that we can live by besides meat.
Certain meats such as pork and beef can cause high blood pressure, blood clots, heart attacks, and cancer. Those who eat any meat on a daily basis have a higher chance of ending up at the doctor in the future; ESPECIALLY if there is no exercising involved.

The recipes that I give contains less to no sugar, butter, crustaceans, and processed foods. I was a Pescatarian from April of 2013 to November of 2015. Then I sensed God calling me to take my diet up a notch, so I’ve decided to go Vegetarian December of 2015. Therefore, my latest recipes do not have meat in them. But I guarantee you that your belly WILL be full. Trust me, I LOVE food and I ENJOY the pleasure of eating. I will not let anyone around me starve. I got you!

Mentality and Soul

Ask yourself. How do you feel after you feast out on Thanksgiving? I bet you want to hit the sofa and knock out. You more than like just ate all sorts of food that contains unhealthy fats with tons of milligrams of sodium. If you don’t eat the traditional soul food dinner, then kudos to you! Hopefully you ate something healthier. Imagine if we ate Thanksgiving dinner with with tons of unhealthy fat, sodium, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and processed foods with high ingredients EVERYDAY. Wouldn’t you feel some type of way physically and emotionally? You’d feel lethargic all the time right?

When we are tired, we don’t want to work. We want to SLEEP! How are we going to accomplish goals, thrive higher, and do what God calls us to do if we are sleepy all the time? If any of you are sensitively conscious like me, we notice that the foods that we eat effect our mind, will, and emotions (our soul). This can be pretty hard to bare if we are trying to succeed in anything in life.

When God calls us to complete specific assignments, our flesh will want to pass it by or think of reasons not to complete it. So the question we have to ask ourself is, “What am I feeding my flesh?” Once you give a child candy they come back for more, right? That is the analogy of our flesh.

Soul food gets its name out of the type of food and its ingredients that are prepared. It is aim to make us feel good. This may not be apply to everyone. However if you want to achieve your BEST ability in life, think twice about the foods that slow you down. Think more about the foods that gear you up.

Instead of soul food, we want WHOLE FOOD which will awaken our senses to the glory of God. After eating any of my well balanced meals, you should be fulfilled to even hear a motivational message. Not only do you want your belly full, but you should also want your spirit full as well. God wants you to live the best life that you deserve here on Earth. You do not have to battle with sickness and depression. It is partially a myth when people say, “Well God allowed me to go through sickness for a reason.” Yes, He allowed the sickness to occur to show you that you have to take better care of your health. However, sickness is not our Heavenly Father’s intention for your life. He can cure your sickness. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Great health starts with YOU. We all have the ability to break chains in our family and it always doesn’t have to be chains with our health. Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the evil authorities and principalities of this world. Are you well equipped with the he Full Armor of God? I encourage you to make the decision to eat healthy so that you can fully live the abundant life that He has for you.

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