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The Beauty Behind Letting Go

Watch this blog’s video  March 6, 2017 Matthew 11:28-30 This is where I let go, Of every weight anchoring my downfalls. I heed to the voice of God As He speaks peace Into my inner ear, I cry out for insight And ask for understanding. Because His wisdom Is what I need In letting go…… Continue reading The Beauty Behind Letting Go

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Defeating Pharisaical Giants

Defeating Pharisaical Giants Mark 3:1-6 (Link to video) There are many instances in our walk with God where we develop a Pharisaical mindset. This type of mindset is considered to be in relation to the Pharisees. In the New Testament of the Bible, the Pharisees were considered to be the Jewish group set apart as… Continue reading Defeating Pharisaical Giants

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No Fear in Love

Link: Steffany Gretzinger – No Fear In Love No Fear in Love January 25, 2016 As I sit by a pond and listen to the song, “No Fear in Love” by Steffany Gretzinger, it only took me a short second to realize the symmetry between the song and the seagulls that were flying. There were a… Continue reading No Fear in Love