Words of Encouragement

Trapped Seasons

She was flying in her zone, full throttle. Fresh out of the cocoon, embracing the spring flowers. Suddenly, she looks through her peripheral vision to notice something is trying to trap her. She flies as far away as possible while praying that she could embrace more of her moment of flight. She lands hidden in a place where she thought was safe, yet she finds herself trapped inside. Barely breathing, hot, now suffocating. She flaps her wings again expecting to escape this container, yet she is indeed trapped with no way out. What is this? Where is she? How in the world did she get here? Why is she here? Who’s trapped her? Hello??…God??…


Flying full throttle…now in a jar…I’m in a place where everyone sees me placed on the stand. They look at me in awe as if I am some trophy someone won out of Excellence. They are amazed at what God is doing through me. They gaze at the development of my wings. Yet fail to realize that I am not supposed to be trapped. I present ideas and call out for help, yet hardly any support is given. The applicable support that I have received, I am beyond grateful for. Thank God for those who realize that my story is worth more than just a written autograph. My testimony is purposed to change lives for the better. It’s not to collect dust on a night stand. My passion is worth more than just a thumbs up or a heart beat button. I long to see Jesus resurrect dry bones and dead valleys. I have an expectation to hear testimonies of transfiguration…Please excuse me. I digress. I’m flying full throttle…in a jar. Can anyone hear me?


My flapping wings reveal my bright smile, my laugh, my song of praise, and my prayers. I have the joy of the Lord, but not really much happiness. Deep within, my soul is battling an unseen war. Another dimension that is playing tug-of-war between demons and Jesus. Nobody sees behind the scenes where I am suffocating in this jar that is not my home. Nobody sees my bank account is nearly wiped out, yet I’m living in the little nibs of blessings granted from God’s angels. Nobody realizes that God is revealing to me my masked anger of discomfort and the frustration within my Trapped Season. This moment hasn’t been easy, yet I know that everything is going to be alright. My only escape is my worship. This jar will not shut my mouth. I scream, I cry out, and I sing unto my God, because He is still worthy of all my praise. Although I am trapped, I am not limited to the greatness flowing on the inside of me. I’m flying full throttle in a jar. People may not hear me, but God hears every thought in my mind to the sound flowing from my esophagus.

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One thing I’ve noticed is that a butterfly can only live her own journey, no one else can live it for her. No one else crawled on the ground for her. No one wrapped her in her cocoon. And no one busted through the seams with her. Only by God’s nature was she capable of making it through the process. She is responsible for her radical moves of faith. Meaning that she cannot depend on the expectation of man when soaring. She is living in survival mode when she flies – no one else sees life from her angle of view. Therefore, no one else can handle her journey of flight. There are people who will only see her from a distance and gasp at her appearance. Yet, there are some who will seek to trap her in limitations.


The moment she is trapped in a jar, it is her duty to apply all that she learned during her cocoon stage. God places a mirror before her to reveal the root of her issues. All of the hidden anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment, and fear will unfold. However, it is to give her the opportunity to be delivered and set free. God also reveals any residue of her past before she is released again. All hindrances and blockages in her life has to disintegrate before she is released again.


There is still hope! The moment when she feels as if she is slowly dying within her temporary season, God will suddenly untwist the lid. Right in the nick of time when she feels as if she has had enough, God will restore her strength, renew her in His image, and launch her into her destiny. One last note, depending on the amount of credence she adheres to God’s voice, she will either live or die in the jar. Although she may be trapped, there is always hope for her future. She can either survive – consume the Word of the Lord and trust in His promises. Or she can choose to die – neglect intimacy with the Lord, causing her to shrivel in disappointment.


As you’ve read this message, you may feel as though you are in the same season – a butterfly in full throttle trapped in a jar. I encourage you to keep flapping your wings. This is not the season to give up and throw everything away. Yes, this season is drawing you outside of your comfort zone. You may be producing ideas and birthing visions and wondering why doors aren’t flying open. You may be wondering why your prayers aren’t being answered, but when you pray for everyone else they’ve received their breakthrough. You may be wondering when rejuvenation will flow through your pockets again. You might just be dealing with spiritual warfare with friends and family members. Sis, everything is going to be alright. Take deep breaths, get fresh air, let out a cry, and pray.


God is teaching you a great lesson of humility in discontentment during this season. He is repositioning you in the midst of your Trapped Season so that when He launches you into higher ground, nobody and nothing else will trap you again. He wants you to get it right this time. No more breaking the covenant. No more lashing out on people. No more false teachings. No more reminiscing on past mistakes. No more entanglement in fear. God has you in the palm of His hands and He loves you beyond 1,000 words can explain. You were created on purpose for a purpose. My dear friend, you are stepping forward into your new season, soon and very soon. So stay encouraged and believe that God is with you in the uncertainty. He will never leave nor forsake you. Just hearken unto His voice. I’ll say it again. Hearken unto God’s voice…and He will never ever lead you astray. Stretch your faith and fly forward! 💗

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Always know that you are Chosen, you are Royal, you are Holy, and you are God’s Special Possession.
He has turned your darkness into light.
~* 1 Peter 2:9*~


Love and Prayers,




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