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Propped Doors


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March 17, 2017

Do you see the difference between these doors? One is slightly open while the other is propped open enough to get a preview of what lies on the other side. The difference between these two doors is that one is intended to be shut and the other is intended to be walked through. On the other side of one door is the identity of your past. On the other side of the other door is the identity of your future. What has God been telling you to let go of lately? What door in your life are you propping open to sneak back into? Are you still hesitant about receiving what God has on the side of the door He is getting ready to promote you to? Fear no more. It is time to faithfully walk through the process of patience so that you can move forward through the next open door in your life.

I just finished worshipping for about an hour or so…I sit in His presence, dwelling on what He may have to say to me…

I lay, resting on the door of Your heart,
Wanting to see what gleams on the other side of You.
Knowing that You are not too far from me.
You tell me to be…still…and silent.
To trust in Your unfailing hand,
Your faithful love.

You tell me to obey.
To complete what has already been given.
Before I can experience the other side of You,
I have to absorb where I am now.
To take in as much as I can.
Because this next phase will bring
Its challenges, joys, and tests of faith.
You know what is best for me.
You tell me to get filled up.
To allow You to water my roots
So that I may never die in this world…


Defining the Old Propped Door

I have been hearing the words “Propped Door” for quite some time now. While I was in prayer I decided to write about it. Propped means to rest (a thing) against a support; to support or sustain. God A propped door may be slightly opened and needs to be shut. Or it may be wide open to welcome people into a room. The first type of propped door that was brought to my intention was the door that needs to be shut. This type of propped door in our spiritual lives is a door that we have kept open even though God told us to close it. We keep propped doors slightly open so that we can run back to what lies behind it every now and then. This is dangerous when we are pursuing the will of God because when God tells us to close a door, we need to be obedient in closing it so that we can give our all to Him. If we are not obedient in closing a door, then God will close it for us and it may not look so pretty. Do you have any slightly propped doors open in your life? Think about it, what is the use in going back to what God has delivered you from? That’s like going back in the trash to eat food that has already been thrown out. Proverbs 26:11 says, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats its folly.” If God tells us to shut a door, then that means it is time to move on from that chapter of our lives.


Where do slightly propped doors occur in our lives?

  • Past relationships/friendships
  • Old habits (greed, pride, lust, drugs, theft, adultery, lying, etc.)
  • Old jobs
  • Old mindset (failures, bondage, fear, doubt, etc.)
  • Remnants of the past

God gives us the option to close doors most times in our lives because He gives us leeway to make our own decisions. The Lord tells us to go one way; however, we often times tend to fail at taking credence to His directions because we do not have all of the pieces to understand why God would want us to go where He is leading us. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” God gave us this scripture because He knows that our own understanding of logical life can lead us astray. In order to trust in the Lord with all of your heart you must acknowledging the Lord in all of your ways. The process of trusting God teaches you that out of your own human knowledge you cannot lean on your own understanding when walking by faith. It is impossible to live life your own way and whole heartedly walk with Jesus Christ. There will be challenges in life that will stretch your faith beyond what you can imagine. The flesh wars against the spirit constantly which is why the two have a hard time intertwining. Therefore, God gives us the decision to either take our own route in life in being comfortable in our repetitive circumstances, or live in His will where He will make our paths straight.


Why do we leave doors slightly propped open?

Perhaps we are afraid of hurting ourselves or someone else. We feel as though we are going to miss out, so we keep the door cracked open just a little bit so that we can run back to it just in case things don’t work out with God’s plans. This tactic is natural for us as humans. I want to encourage you to take heed to the closed doors that God gives you discernment of in your life. Certain doors are meant to be closed for a reason. Take a moment to think about what door the Lord has prompted you to close. Think about your circle of friends. Are they still influencing you to go places and do things that you are trying to move away from? Think about your intimate relationships. Are you still talking to that guy/girl for the wrong purpose? Have you been prompted to living celibate but that individual is leading you to live out your flesh? Think about your repetitive bad habits. Are you stuck in a continuous cycle that is draining you? Do you want out, but don’t know how to get out? It’s time you surrender and be serious about it this time. Think about your job. Are you still working there to get by? Have you lost your purpose and your identity in the job? Write down the doors that you have slightly propped open. Ask the Lord for clarity if you are unsure. It is time you close every slightly propped door in your life.

This is the moment where you have to trust God. This is where you have to tell yourself you CAN do it and God will come through. It is time to SOAR into your destiny. It is time for you to walk into the next door that God is waiting at. It is time you stand for your purpose and pursue what God has placed in the inside of you to do.


Defining the New Propped Door

A propped door could also be a door that is left wide open with something sturdy holding it in place. Remember, propped means to rest (a thing) against a support; to support or sustain. God will keep himself in place of a door He wants us to walk through. He is waiting for you to close the old propped door so that you can walk through the new propped door of where He stands. If you are praying and asking Jesus to come into your heart and take over, yet you are still lounging around in old habits, then you are not serious about Him coming into your heart and taking over. When Jesus comes into your heart, no sin will reside in you. You wouldn’t be drained in repetitive cycles that harm your spirit. When Jesus is in you, your life won’t be the same. You will grow a fire and passion to live for the Lord. You would not even desire to go back to the people, places, and things He has delivered you from. You will never know what lies in your Promised Land if you never leave your wilderness. And you will never know what lies behind the new propped door if you never close the old propped door.

Example: I remember when I was getting ready to make a major move in my life. God was calling me to move to Georgia, but I was hesitant in moving because I didn’t have all the pieces together. I didn’t know where I would live. I didn’t know where I would work. I began second guessing if God truly called me because it did not make any sense to me. I came to my breaking point and finally moved. I knew that I would never experience the greater that God wanted for me unless I closed the door of my life in Florida. I could not live in Florida and Georgia at the same time. I could not keep the door in Florida slightly propped open either. I had to leave my wavering emotions, my comfort zone, my family, and my dependability in man in Florida. When I arrived in Georgia, God literally created me anew. He brought me out of my Egypt (a place of bondage) so that I could live in the totality of His freedom in Christ Jesus. I have become a stronger and wiser young woman because I allow Him to take over my life. Had I not closed the door in Florida, I would have held myself back from enlarging my faith to pursue my destiny.


Shut the Door, Lock it, and Throw Away the Key

After you seek clarity on what doors you have slightly propped open, get out of your emotions. Your emotions will cause you to be happy one moment, then the next moment you say you are “unsure” and then run back to the closed door. The door you wrote down that needs to be shut is final. God is not human. He does not lie nor change His mind. Therefore, make up your mind this time to close the door, lock it, and throw away the key.

  • If you are in a relationship you should no longer be in and you sought wise counsel, the signs are clear, and God has continuously given you clarity about him/her not being the one, then it is time to shut the door, lock it, and throw away the key!
  • If you are still hanging out with so called friends who you know are a bad influence on you, there is no sense in preaching to them if you find yourself constantly failing along with them. You say you want to do better for God. So if they are not helping you pursue your purpose in following Jesus, then it is time you shut the door, lock it, and throw away the key!
  • If you have been running back and forth with drug addiction or smoking in general and you know that it is harming your body, then it is time to shut the door, lock it, and throw away the key!
  • If you have been struggling with personal bad habits that you know needs to die off, it is time you make up your mind to come clean, repent, and practice discipline. Shut that door, lock it, and throw away the key!


My friend, say this with me, “NO MORE PROPPED DOORS!” It is time you take heed to the word of God, meditate on it, and hear directly from the Lord. He is waiting for you at His opened door. God’s is waiting for you to close the old one. This new door where He stands is not going to be fully open until you are certain about choosing to move forward. In between your old propped door and your new propped door is where you go through a testing process. You will be tested to see if you are certain about throwing away the key. Throwing away the key to the locked door requires faithfulness. It means you do not go back on your word, no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter if you are tempted, tested, or influenced. You do not go through the dumps to find that key to the door you locked.

For instance, when I decided to commit to celibacy until marriage I had to remain faithful to God. After failing at my word so many times in the past, I had to officially make up in my mind that I wanted to follow through with living a lifestyle of purity to the best of my potential. This meant no sex, no smoking, no alcohol, and no profane environments. This was a decision that I had made out of my own desire to follow God’s will over my life. God has given me a desire to live in the supernatural. Hence, I must do what is necessary to faithfully walk in His will.

Once I closed the door of my past sins to pursue celibacy, I had been tempted to go back to talking with random men for attention. I had been tempted to smoke weed (I even had dreams about smoking again). I sat at a dinner table with eight people who took shots of liquor in front of me, plus devoured more shots at a bar, and I remained faithful in not drinking the smallest sip (TO GOD BE THE GLORY!). This example of closing certain doors, locking it, and throwing away the key is an example that I know may people can relate to. Was it easy? Heck no! My flesh wanted at least one glass of wine to make me feel a part of the shenanigans. My flesh wanted to go to the hookah lounge after a rough week. My flesh has awakened love before it was time. After my very last encounter where I ruined my commitment to abstaining from sexual immorality, I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to commit suicide because of my mistake. I knew that I had broken a covenant to the heart of Jesus. I was so lost in my life at that time because of my disobedience in shutting a door, locking it, and throwing away the key. I caused myself to get caught up in a soul tie which then exposed me in an unpleasant way.

You see, when God tells you to shut a propped door, He tells you to shut it for a reason. He could be saving you from danger, a disease, or dysfunction in your life. God tells you to shut certain doors to prevent you from heartbreaks, tragedies, and unnecessary routes. God loves you so much and He wants the best for you. Is lingering in the past worth it? Do you recognize your value enough to move forward? God is waiting on you at His door.





Proverbs 26:11 NIV
“As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats its folly.”

Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV
“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Isaiah 55:8-9 NIV
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

James 4:7-8 NIV
Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Exodus 14:13-14 NIV
Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”


Always know that you are Chosen, you are Royal, you are Holy, and you are God’s Special Possession.
He has turned your darkness into light.
~* 1 Peter 2:9*~



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