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Release and Receive


Release and Receive – Sell Your Possessions and Give to the Poor Pt. 2

Written November 9, 2016:

God, What Exactly Are You Saying?

“Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” As I am repeating this statement in my mind, I am asking the Lord what exactly He is saying. I am thinking of what other areas I have wrestled with giving up at this moment of my life. What do I possess? What am I not giving? Who else is poor? Am I truly still on this exact page of selling my possessions and give to the poor? I have asked God to be clear in what I need to give away. Maybe He sees that I am holding onto something He wants me to give to Him. Not necessarily a materialistic item, but it could be something in my heart, spirit, soul, or flesh…


Written November 13, 2016:

Release and Receive

Have you ever faced a season to remove, purge, or clean house? As if God was tugging on your heart, every time you removed one obstacle, you would receive another nudge to remove something else. If you have dealt with this in your life before, then you know somewhat how I feel. For the past month I had been getting an urge to sell my possessions. After giving majority of my clothes and valuables away, the door opened for me to rent out an apartment room with someone. I moved to a new city, much further than where I was temporarily staying in the month of October.

A few days after I moved in, I was getting spiritually attacked with oppression, laziness, visits from the spirit of incubus, and I even began simmering into my old ways of double-minded thinking. I knew that something was not right so I immediately went into prayer and anointed my room with oil, casting out any demons that resided in the room. I posted scripture on my wall. I blasted gospel music. I began sleeping with my Bible open next to me, reciting scripture as I went to sleep. I ran to Jesus and constantly prayed about what else needed to be removed from my life.

Just about two weeks later, on November 9th, I awakened to thoughts of letting go, releasing, and giving to others again. After I prayed that morning I opened my Jesus Calling book and the landed on November 7th. These words stuck out to me:

  • Clear out debris and clutter
  • Willing to let go
  • I know what you need, and I have promised to provide all of that – abundantly!
  • Depend on Me alone
  • Find fulfillment in My presence
  • Learning to release and receive
  • Trust Me in every situation
  • Let go of things going your way

I took into consideration the message and asked God to reveal what exactly needed to be released in my life. At the end of the day I felt a heavy weight upon my shoulders. I was drained and I wanted to cut my hair off. I gazed in the mirror while oiling my scalp. Suddenly, I fell to my knees with my hands on my head, praying to release everything unto Him. I did not want anything keeping me bound. I just wanted to be in His presence.

The next day, November 10th, I woke up with a desire to cut my hair. I observed myself in the mirror to see what I would look like with short hair. In my spirit I felt so much peace. I grew excitement in thinking that cutting my hair would be the perfect release that God wanted for me.



That very night, I took a few last looks at my dreads. As I observed my appearance I saw chains holding onto me. I saw a young woman who no longer defined me. I saw dead weight. I noticed dust trapped in the tips of my hair. I ran my fingers through my roots in pleasure of being detached. I could not wait any longer to cut my hair.


I grabbed my scissors and began to cut one by one. The room was silent, yet I heard a repetition of the lyrics by William McDowell’s song Place of Worship playing in my mind, “No more chains holding me. I’ve been set free.” Next thing I knew all 74 strands of dreads were gone! I felt a release! I literally felt freedom in my spirit. After I showered and scrubbed my hair I felt freedom from the center of my soul! I could finally breathe to release and receive another level of freedom in Christ Jesus!


Release – Letting Go – Contribute Your Possession to the Poor

 ATTENTION: Before I go any further, I just want to let you know that my freedom in Christ does not only reside within my hair cut. It most of all resides within my soul. I have been going through different stages of deliverance over the past few months. I believe that in my personal relationship with God I am made free and complete. Cutting my hair and selling my possessions are only tangible decisions that God has given me the desire to complete.

I believe one of the ways that we overcome various issues we’ve faced in life is by sharing our testimony and by the power of Holy Spirit. Now that I am living in my freedom, I gaze upon how many more people can be set free by my testimony. I have overcome various trials and challenges and I desire to share my testimony with others. I have been saved, delivered, and healed from many obstacles such:

  • Smoking (Marijuana)
  • Greed
  • Depression
  • Bondage to Fear
  • Manipulation
  • Loneliness
  • Homosexuality
  • Lust
  • Insecurity
  • Rejection
  • Levels of darkness.

Now that I am free in Christ, I contribute His light to those around me. I give others His love, peace, joy, necessities, and messages as He gives them to me. Giving to the poor could also mean giving to those who are poor in spirit. Imagine how many people need a spiritual uplifting at this very moment. With what is destined to occur in these end times, many people are going to need spiritual guidance even if they try to deny it.

We have to come to a point where we will stop denying God’s existence. We can see clearly the chaos and darkness hovering over our nation. Our nation looks hopeless; however, there is still hope within us who are alive in Christ. We have the peace that we world needs. We have the life that the world desires. We have the love of God that we all long for. We can try to fill voids with worldly desires all day. But if we never awaken to consciousness in God, we will never overcome.

Personal Experience

For instance, when smoked marijuana, I continuously ran to it when I was bored, lonely, and depressed. I idolized weed so that those voids within me were fulfilled. I only had a temporary high that caused me to laugh, get hungry, and become lazy. The more I smoked, the more I allowed spirits of darkness within me to take over my life. I failed my first semester of college, lost weight, lingered in suicidal thoughts, and I was oblivious to my everyday life. I could hardly remember what I did within the 24 hours of living because I stayed high. The only hope that I had was people feeling my pain through my poetry and publishing a book about my life. Little did I know that God wanted my heart and not man. So after I came to my breaking point, I gave my life to the Lord and He has been completing me ever since.

I say all of that to say people like you and I have to stand for what we believe. We must continuously release what holds us back so that we can live in our victory and share our victory with those who are falling apart around us. They need us because we have overcome something that they are currently battling with. So if you are going through a season of releasing and receiving, I encourage you to adhere to it. You never know who you are helping just by planting seeds of your testimony. In all of this, God will receive the glory, praise, and honor because of your fearless faith. Reach out to someone next you and encourage them.


Always know that you are Chosen, you are Royal, you are Holy, and you are God’s Special Possession.
He has turned your darkness into light.
~* 1 Peter 2:9*~







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