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The Aftermath

Fasting may be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ritual for you. We may fast from certain foods such as dairy, meat, gluten, grains, etc. Some of us may not eat for a day or more. Whatever we choose to fast from, we know how it feels once we say, “MY FAST IS OVER!” Some of us may INDULGE into eating what our body craves. But have you ever noticed how your body reacts when you pick your regular eating routine back up? Do you notice how you may feel a bit queezy without an appetite? Or perhaps full after eating a meal the size of an appetizer? Some of us may even force ourselves to eat more just because the texture of food on our tongue taste good.

After we fast, we tend to rush into eating the best tasting meal we have ever put in our stomach. We may want to treat ourselves for successfully completing our fast. Let me give you an example of what someone may do after saying MY FAST IS OVER! Let’s say that you chose not to eat for a complete 24 hours (9AM Monday to 9AM Tuesday). When you wake up Tuesday morning, your stomach is not even growling. You just feel weak and desire to put food in your stomach. So you decide to cook a full course meal: Yellow grits, 3 eggs (scrambled), 3 slices of turkey sausage, 2 slices of toast with blueberry jam, and a bowl of fruit. As you quickly eat, you are finding pleasure in every ingredient on your taste buds. The soft and gritty texture of the grits on your tongue. The smooth consistency of the eggs. Every time you chew the sausage you feel the explosion of juices erupting in your mouth. The toast may give a little goodness, but the fruit awakened you even more. Every berry in that bowl just gave your brain a boost like an electric current. Next thing you notice, you are full and your plate is half empty. But since you don’t let food go to waste, you finish your meal. Now you are stuffed and may even want to go back to sleep. Have you ever experienced this after your fast?

What To Eat When Coming Off Of A Fast

If so, here is a tip I know will benefit you. Listen to your body. After we fast, our body wants us to take our time to gradually eat normal again (if we choose to go back to our normal way of eating). There were times where I would come off my fast from eating nothing but fruits and vegetables for a month to eating highly carbonated foods like bread, surgery foods like cake and candy, and even junk foods like Oreos, Chewy Bars, Crackers, and Fries. I would constantly snack on these foods and my body AND brain would go into shock. Like kids at recess, my eating habits went wild! I would crave more and more even though my stomach was full. Day after day would go by and I would snack more on junk food than healthy foods because I was not disciplined with my appetite anymore.

Recently, I now have decided to try something different. I challenged myself to fast for a complete 24 hours. But instead of indulging into junk food afterwards, I tried something different. I treated my body like it matters the most to me. Once I said MY FAST IS OVER, I rejuvenated myself with reviving ingredients such as grapes, green bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and a 10 oz glass of Amazing Grass Raw Reserve.

As funny as this sounds, eating my fruit and veggies awakened my senses as if I was a plant thanking God for the rain. Drinking my Amazing Grass Raw Reserve gave me a boost of energy. My senses were awakened and I could see clearer, hear louder, smell better, and think wiser. I actually felt completed after fasting. My good eating habits lasted longer than usual and I had no desire to eat more than what my body was asking. I was much more disciplined in my thoughts, giving my body what it needed rather than what it wanted.

What Is So Great About Fasting?

I love the benefits of fasting. It is a spiritual awakening, helping us to become more aware of our body as well as our surroundings. Fasting encourages us to make better decisions not only in our food choices, but also in the decisions we make in life. If we fast, pray, and listen, God will surely order our footsteps. We will see things in the spiritual realm that we may not be capable of seeing when we are not praying and fasting.

We are also awakened to the harmful foods that we often place in our body. These foods causes sickness and disease, preventing us good health and longevity of life. If we do not recognize what is killing us slowly today, then it may be too late tomorrow. Find out if the foods that you are eating is benefiting or damaging your health. Look at the foods you eat and ask yourself, “Does this look real or fake? Is this appetizing?” If it looks fake, then it is more than likely processed with no health benefits within it.

If you have never fasted before, I encourage you to go for it! This is nothing to be afraid of or run away from. All you are doing is teaching your soul to abstain from addictive behavior. The good thing about it is that you are likely to lose a few pounds, gain fortitude, and work up energy. This is for the better of YOUR BODY.

If it is your first time fasting, take it easy. Always remember that our bodies are different. What is easy to you may be hard for one person, while what is hard to you may be easy for someone else.

Listed are a few ways to fast:
  • No food, only water (or infused water)
  • Gluten free diet
  • Fruit and vegetables only
  • Exclude all fast food (McDonald’s, Chickfila, Wendy’s, Checkers, Chipotle)  – cook from home
  • Exclude all sugars
  • Exclude all carbohydrates
  • Exclude all starch
  • Exclude all meat
  • Exclude all dairy

*The length and time of the fast is up to what you think you can handle.

*If you will not be eating for a few days, let someone know. If you are on medications, talk with your doctor before abstaining from eating or abstaining from eating certain foods.

You can choose whatever you want to fast from whether it be excluding all meat and dairy for 2 weeks, or eating gluten free for a whole month. The decision is up to you. Have fun with fasting. You ought to be delighted when you say, “MY FAST IS OVER!

Fasting for some may be a temporary ritual.
But for those who are striving to climb the latter of change will make fasting a habit.
– Arnesjah

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