Oh Taste And See · Spoken Word

Growth Pains

She is living for her moment to break open her shell. Months of hard labor, years of growth, ages of dreams, days of fueled potential burnt out on undesired results. As if she is playing tug of war with adversity, she is being yanked through the dirt every time she fails at excelling with an opportunity. She is tired of saying, “YES I CAN!”, then fail to overcome failure. She is sick and tired of getting excited when blessings come through, yet find out that it was never meant for her to pursue.

She never gives up on seeking. She recognizes that challenges are called Growth Pains the affliction of our present stage of evolvement. Agony that reminds her that she is not a falling star, so she must stand for the dream she believes in.

The growth pains that she will face in this new age will challenge her to say no when her flesh wants to say yes. She recognizes the importance of fertilizationthe process of maturing for effective results. A course of action of that her surroundings fail to understand. She is confident in accepting the fact that she does not fit in with everyone. It takes maturity to say no when she is expected to say yes. It takes loyalty to remain committed to assignments. It most of all takes faith to follow through with God-given instructions even if they do not make sense. It takes strength to step away from average. So if this step draws her to escape from the crowd, then she will draw silent. Please do not mistaken her for being selfish, but sometimes we have to fertilize ourselves before we can nurture someone else.

We learn before we can lead. 

Crawl before we can walk.

Walk before we can run.

And if we learn to walk by faith and not by sight,

Then I guarantee you we will mount up on wings

Like eagles…and soar…..

Growth pains, she accepts the message that motivates her into transition. Spoken words of, “Stop Being So Safe: You Can’t Be Average and Amazing at the Same Time” (Courtney Sanders). Like accepting the capability of running a 400 meter race, there are times where we are given chances to achieve more than we could ever think in order to receive greater than what we could ever imagine.

As she dozes off from the thought and into her dreams, she hears sounds of construction. Hammers and nails banging on wood as if a house is being rebuilt. Perhaps the home of her heart is revolving. Or maybe her mind is evolving into its proper position. As if her life is not falling, but forming into place after all. She longs for the days when she may live to say that her purpose is complete. Illuminating as a fluorescent lamp and not a flickering light switch. To give spoken word for the voiceless and misunderstood. Healing to the wounded. Love to the broken-hearted. And give freely to those in need.

It is better to give than to receive, because giving results from the condition of our heart. The condition of our heart determines how much we will put into action of releasing our potential. If we never take action in our potential, then we may never know the blessings that we are destined to give to multitudes…

She recognizes that life is too short. So if she does not take out the time to pursue her ultimate purpose, then she will only be wasting her time. Many say that we are living in the last days. So instead of running away from growth, she thrives to live through the pain of aging, striding, hustling, and gaining every bit of knowledge…Because time cannot be wasted. Every day she sees a mirrored image of a woman beyond her years. She questions herself, “Was the growth worth the pain? Or did she repress her potential until the end of her days?”


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