Oh Taste And See



It’s been 10 years since God gave you pretty wings to fly. As you if you were not soaring before you departed this earth, you were meant to survive. I don’t think I’ll ever forget my childhood memories of how you raised me because the impact that a mother breeds is too powerful to forget.

I’ll never forget your smile that was contagious. How could anyone not react to the laughter you gave us? The projection of your voice could be heard two blocks away. You’d call out, “COME HERE ARNESJAH!” A sound that I still hear on this day.

I’ll never forget our home; a place that will forever remain in my dreams. As I look back, I ask for forgiveness of the complaints; the ungrateful spirit on some of your tough days. You raised me and Ashley lacking nothing. You taught us ways of survival that many people take for granted. There were a few times when the lights were turned off and the water ran out, but you made sure that we had all that we needed.

Your discipline has impacted me more today than when I was child. Now I see why education is part of the way to success. Without knowledge we perish and miss out on igniting the greatness within ourselves. I understand why intercessory prayer is important. The spiritual warfare that we encounter IS REAL. I see why you disciplined Ashley and I with the word of God on good and bad days. He is our source and strength that leads us to the best pathway for our lives.

I no longer grieve over your departure because I know that you are with me. Within 10 years, I have grown to become the young woman that you desired for me to be all by the mighty hand of God. His power never fails! I’ve learned to desire Him just as much as you desired to breathe fresh air. I’ll never forget when Aunt Eunice sung the song Amazing Grace while holding you when your time to leave us was coming. I no longer mourn over that song because I now know that it is by His amazing grace that you kept walking through the journey. It is by God’s grace that you were able to hold the capacity of raising two kids as a single mother, work 2 jobs, teach, be involved with ministry, love others, smile, praise the Lord, AND battle with breast cancer!

It is by His amazing grace that I once was blind but now I see! In all that I’ve encountered over 10 years, I now see why you smiled before you had gone away. God has been my mother and my father, my provider and way maker. I can’t thank Him enough for being by my side on my darkest days. It is by His grace that I am still here today.

I believe that everyone has something to give back whether they are no longer alive or still living; there is something valuable that others can relate to. Because of the legacy you have given, I am inspired to give mine. God has given me a story, a testimony so that others who have battled similar fights may have the hope and the motivation to not give up. It is because of the impact you left on my life, I have the determination to survive.

You were a phenomenal woman, a survivor, a nurturer, a warrior, a teacher, and most of all, a mother. I thank our Creator for your life because without His beautiful work of art, you would not have given birth to two children. I thank you my twin, my mom, for starting the way. You gave a motherly love that could never and will never be replaced.

I love you!

~ Rest in Paradise Charlene Adderley Marshall


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