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Why I Decided to Become Vegetarian & Cauliflower Rice Recipe


(My Cauliflower Rice Recipe)

Over the past few months, I have been asked questions about my vegetarian lifestyle. So here are a few questions that people ask me about my choice to live as a Vegetarian.

“Why did you decide to become a Vegetarian? “

I get asked this question every time I sit down at the dinner table with company. I happily and confidently give my response. I became Vegetarian over night. Early one morning, I decided to go for Vegetarianism for 1 month. I had already been Pescatarian for 2 years and 7 months. So in December of 2015, I woke up in the middle of the night and said, “I think I should go Vegetarian. I’m not going to wait until New Year’s Day. I’m going to start now.” Then I stopped eating seafood as a luxury.

Another reason why I’ve decided to become a Vegetarian is because I want to be closer to God. I noticed that every time I fasted with a Vegetarian diet, I had a greater consciousness with the Lord. Not only that, but I also felt lighter and happier without certain foods weighing me down. The more veggies I eat, the more conscious I feel. I want to live in the Lord’s joy and delight daily with a disciplined mindset. So I made up my mind that this decision was for me.

“Don’t you miss eating meat (chicken, beef, pork)? “

Honestly, I DO NOT miss being an omnivore. I remember when I decided to become a Pescatarian. I saw a video of how the animals served to us in fast food restaurants are full of hormones, GMOs, and are processed. To make things worse, the animals aren’t fully grown! I am sickened and upset with how majority of society uses food to market for their own benefit and not to benefit the health of humanity.

I am not missing out on anything. I encourage others to give up the fast food meat eating before it’s too late. The older we get, the harder it is for us to break habits. Plus, don’t forget about the cancer and illness that grows in our bodies over time. We won’t end up in hospitals and doctors offices if we pay attention to what we are consuming.

“How do you get your protein? And how do you gain muscle?

Legumes, nuts, eggs, dark leafy greens, soy, whole grains, corn, peas, oats, rice, flax seed, chia seeds.

I am still able to exercise and build muscle due to the foods that I consume. Meat is not a necessity to exercise and gain muscle.

“What is the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian? Will you ever go Vegan?”

Vegetarians – excludes meat, seafood, and some dairy.

I personally do not eat dairy such as milk or yogurt. I do not digest it well. I substitute milk with almond milk or coconut milk. Certain ice creams I am able to eat.

Vegans – excludes meat, seafood, dairy, all animal products from diet and body. Avoids using household product, clothing, and other items made with animal product.

I will eventually go Vegan when I am ready spiritually, physically, and financially.

“How long have you been Vegetarian?”

Since December 2015

“How do you keep up with balancing your meals?”

I keep track of what I eat and I listen to what my body needs. For instance, I always keep fruit in the kitchen and on the go. I keep ingredients for a salad in the fridge. Nuts are somewhere in the pantry. I eat whole grains and oats in the morning. I also take vitamins with probiotics, mega foods, biotin, B12, and iron. Water is my best friend. You will always find me with a water bottle.

When I say that I listen to what my body needs, I’m saying that I am aware of what I need more of. I haven’t had any problems where I’ve been weak unless I had been fasting with only consumption of water. If I am weak, I eat spinach and rice. If I am sick with allergies or a cold, I drink raw herbs such as dandelion, ginger, green tea, hibiscus. I detox with Senta Tea or water with cucumber and lemon. I eat nothing but fruits and vegetables when I feel a cold coming on.

I also keep up with balanced meals by watching YouTube videos with Vegetarian or Vegan Chefs. I also follow people in Instagram and Facebook.

“I’ve tried going Vegetarian but I was always hungry. Don’t you ever get hungry after a while?”

Funny thing is this, I’ve awakened in the middle of the night plenty of times with a grumbling stomach. However, throughout the day, I snack. I try not to snack on sweets. That is a habit that I am striving to break. I have always had a slight binge eating disorder, so when I’m at certain places eating, I fill up on food to control my nerves. Or if I am bored, I will munch on anything. This is a bad habit that has taken me YEARS to break. There are days when I don’t eat anything or I don’t eat as much as I should. Then there are days when I snack on fruits, vegetables, organic chips, and crackers. There are many things to eat so that I can keep a balanced diet, it’s just the matter of WHAT I consume. 

Now you know a little bit more about my Vegetarian journey.
I hope that with the recipes that I post and words of encouragement that I give, you may be inspired to join the Healthy Eating Journey as well.
You will feel the best you have EVER felt physically, mentally, and spiritually! 


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