SPRING for Black Bean Salad


Today is the first day of SPRING! Want to know a great way to bring in the season? Awaken your senses with a nice cool Black Bean Salad!

I must say that this dish served well as a starter for a family dinner. With the fresh mixture of vegetables and lasting flavor, this Black Bean Salad gives a curve to the appetite.

Once well prepared and cooled down, grab a bowl of this Black Bean Salad. Treat yourself to a nice day outside by a nice body of water. Lie in the grass and munch yourself away. You deserve a few hours to close your eyes and breathe in God’s fresh air.

If you don’t have access to a nice body of water, then find your favorite place to relax in peace. Let no one interrupt your moment of quiet time. Enjoy a bowl of this Black Bean Salad and let your soul be satisfied.

I’ve been given great compliments about this dish. So I am sure you will enjoy this dish as well.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Black Beans – healthier appearance, protein, cancer preventative, lowers cholesterol, fiber, potassium (helps for hypertensives)
  • Avocado – digestion, lowers blood cholesterol
  • Green Bell Peppers – fiber, vitamin C & E,
  • Red Bell Peppers – vitamin C, beta-carotene,
  • Corn – lowers cholesterol, digestion increase
  • Lime -lowers high blood pressure, treats indigestion

Reference: Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs by John Heinerman


Black Bean Salad Recipe 



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