Chipotle Dish


This dish was the BOMB.COM. I mean it was full of flavor and left me with a light-weight yet fulfilling balance afterward. The Cilantro Rice made it even more balancing because of the ingredients within it. Since everything is cooked my hand (besides the beans), there was a fresh tasted within the food…

I often crave Chipotle because I always remember how it leaves me feeling well satisfied after I eat there. I ended up thinking of their ingredients and decided to make it myself. Let’s be honest, having someone cook for you can be pretty nice; but, cooking food yourself can be WAY BETTER AND CHEAPER. My average total for Chipotle is somewhere around $7. That is just one meal for one night. Think about it. You can get the SAME MEAL that is fresh and created with your own hands that will last you for half of the weak or the entire week, with approximately the same price.

Think of it this way: You see two cans of vegetable soup with a Campbell’s brand and another can with an Organic brand. Do you buy the Campbell’s brand that contains high sodium, less fiber, more calories, and multiple ingredients? Or do you buy the Organic brand that has less sodium, more fiber, less sugars, and more organic ingredients? I would go for the Organic brand or perhaps something in my budget that is much more healthier than Campbell’s. Why? Even though Campbell’s is cheaper, it will not do my body good in the long run.

The same goes for eating out versus buying groceries for the same meal. Here is the approximate total for creating this Chipotle Dish.

Purchased at ALDI:

  • Organic Black Beans = $0.79 (canned)
  • Bag of Large Carrots = $0.69
  • Bag of Roma Tomatoes 16 oz.= $0.89 ON SALE
  • Bag of Romaine Lettuce = $1.99
  • Organic Tahini Goodness Dressing = $1.99
  • Grapeseed Oil = $3 ON SALE (bought previously; excluded from total)

Purchased at Walmart:

  • Green Bell Pepper = $0.88
  • Red Bell Pepper = $1.68
  • Cilantro = $0.98
  • Onion = $0.61
  • Lime Juice = $0.88
  • White Rice = $3 (bought previously; excluded from total)
  • Broccoli Head (bought previously; excluded from total)

Total w/o tax: $11.38

Now this may be a $4.38 difference from my $7 meal, but this meal is much more fresh and long lasting than dinner out at Chipotle. This is a dish that you MUST give a try at home.

Chipotle Dish Recipe


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