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Why I Decided to Become Vegetarian & Cauliflower Rice Recipe

(My Cauliflower Rice Recipe) Over the past few months, I have been asked questions about my vegetarian lifestyle. So here are a few questions that people ask me about my choice to live as a Vegetarian. “Why did you decide to become a Vegetarian? “ I get asked this question every time I sit down at… Continue reading Why I Decided to Become Vegetarian & Cauliflower Rice Recipe


SPRING for Black Bean Salad

Today is the first day of SPRING! Want to know a great way to bring in the season? Awaken your senses with a nice cool Black Bean Salad! I must say that this dish served well as a starter for a family dinner. With the fresh mixture of vegetables and lasting flavor, this Black Bean… Continue reading SPRING for Black Bean Salad


Chipotle Dish

This dish was the BOMB.COM. I mean it was full of flavor and left me with a light-weight yet fulfilling balance afterward. The Cilantro Rice made it even more balancing because of the ingredients within it. Since everything is cooked my hand (besides the beans), there was a fresh tasted within the food… I often… Continue reading Chipotle Dish


Simple and Sweet Salad

This morning was one of those “get into shape” mornings. I felt like having a breezy day by reviving myself with fresh veggies, fruit, exercise, and a relaxed evening on the beach. I woke up this morning with heavy weight on my mind and I refused to ponder on the circumstances going on in my… Continue reading Simple and Sweet Salad

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The Beauty in Circumstances

This is the conversation that I had with God while walking along the beach this evening. The words in quotation marks is God speaking. Anything else is my response. “As you stand here, what are the waves doing?” Washing up broken shells and crashing into my feet. “As you stand here, what do the waves… Continue reading The Beauty in Circumstances