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God Invests In Us (Retail)


“The root of our lives is not defined by our appearance; our appearance is only an additive to our spirit. The root of who we are is defined by the spirit that God has placed within our appearance.”

6.30.15 2:12AM

I have been laying back, tossing and turning, reflecting on my jobs and how overwhelmed I am on the jobs:

  • Forever 21: Where God tends to press and push me.
  • New York & Company: Where God stretches me.

The atmosphere in both jobs can be heavy and my tolerance of claustrophobia grows thinner by the hour; it requires a lot of thinking, building, planning, and helping. Not only that, I also try to smile through it all while helping customers.

Created Masterpiece

Meanwhile, I create a masterpiece even through interruptions. I put in a lot of energy into making sure that everything is neat and approachable. Then hours later, my masterpiece is turned into a disaster as if every bit of time, effort and work that I placed into my craft did not mean a thing! So then I find myself having to clean it back up again; recovering every bag, shoe, hat, hair good and jewelry (most of all) back into its proper place. Because many people do not realize the amount of work and service is put into place.

In the midst of this outlet of venting, I have come to realize that this experience with retail has led me to think about how God looks upon his people. In the beginning, God created a beautiful masterpiece called Earth. He provides everything for us so that we may live life more abundantly. He is the beginning and the end of the universe. If it had not been for the sun, how would we have light to survive? Even the moon and the stars, how would we have light to see at night? God blessed us with nutrition from the earth and edible animals for the nutrients of our bodies.

God’s Retail Store: An Analogy of the World

Before He placed humans on Earth,
He had set everything up for us so that when we were finally created,
we would have all that we need.
On the day that He opened up his “store”,
humans were welcomed along with laws.

Of course, like any store, there are rules and policies that we have to abide by.
It has now been year after year that God’s store has been open,
humans have entered, browsed around and deceased.
Some have even made an impact, whether positive or negative, and left a legacy.

To dig a little bit deeper,
just as customers have no idea how much effort and expenses has been put into the store,
there has been moments where WE have bypassed God’s love, effort and investment within us.
Very many people wake up daily and do not realize that they have the opportunity to “change clothes”.
Meaning that when they go out of their home and into God’s world,
they have a choice to either just do their daily routine and browse around,
or they can BUY something NEW that they can use to dress their identity…

Think about when someone buys a new pair of shoes,
especially the LATEST brand, customers are posted outside of the store
waiting EARLY to get these new pair of shoes.

What if we had that SAME MOTIVATION to wake up everyday
to search for an opportunity that will draw us closer our creator and His purpose for our lives?
Many people get dressed to wear the hottest outfit every day,
yet they do not get dressed to wear the hottest mentality.
Why are many of us as a community
more interested in the latest trend instead of seeking for knowledge and wisdom?
Many do not realize how valuable knowledge and wisdom is!
It lasts longer than the clothes we wear and the food we eat!
Thieves can steal anything from you except the wisdom and knowledge invested within you,
IF you don’t let them.

Daily Opportunities

Just like the sales associates who greet you in the store, they say the same greeting to almost every customer, “Hello, how are you? I just want to let you know our promotions today…” Even though us sales associates say nearly the same greetings, we always give you an opportunity to save your money and provide assistance when needed.

And guess what, God wakes us up every morning and says, “Good morning my son.” Or “Good morning my daughter.” Welcoming you to an opportunity to save your soul each and every day. God give us an opportunity to get our lives right. He gives us another chance to get to know Him and his son Jesus. He gives us chance after chance to be delivered from addictions. He gives us a chances to understand who we truly are in the image that he created us to be.


To conclude all that is mentioned, God wants you know that he invests in his people because we are so valuable. Meaning that our body, our hair, our skin, our heart, our eyes, our organs and our mind is SO valuable. Yet we allow life to get the best of us to where we forget about how much we are worth

Think about it, the next time you go into a retail store, take a look around. If it is neat and approachable, then you will see that a lot of time and effort was put into place. If merchandise is placed on display, it is because that company wants your attention to show you the latest trend and the value of their product. Notice what is on display in the window. You will see the light shining down upon the latest trend in the store. In the same way, God wants you to put on your best daily, to reveal His love; to reveal His valuable purpose over your life, and most of all, to reveal His image.

God creates leaders and warriors like you, me, and like Jesus to stand out and stand up for Him. He builds us up and clothes us in our best to place us on “display”; illuminating His light to shine upon us to reveal His greatest works and miracles.

Before his light can truly manifest within you, you have to put in the effort to read and build your relationship with our Creator.

I’ll leave you with this just so that you will know:
“The root of our lives is not defined by our appearance; our appearance is only an additive to our spirit. The root of who we are is defined by the spirit that God has placed within our appearance.”

Matthew 10:31
So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Always know that you are Chosen, you are Royal, you are Holy, and you are God’s Special Possession.
He has turned your darkness into light.
~* 1 Peter 2:9*~



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